NEGEN exists as a strong, six-state, geographically-integrated collaborative leading place-based education in the region. The NEGEN collaborative envisions an educational community that is proficient in the tools, content, technologies and concepts of Geography. 

Mission Statement:

NEGEN’s mission is to improve geography education for all pre-K to 12 students by participating in regional capacity building, leveraging expertise and resources, and empowering teachers to master and use relevant geographic skills and advocate for their inclusion in local and state curricula.

The ingenuity of teachers to integrate geographic concepts, content, tools and technologies across the curriculum
High quality resources to support Geography education
A strong regional identity that also recognizes the uniqueness of each state
The exceptional template in New England for teaching geographic concepts
The profound history of the continuing relationship among the six alliances
Consensus governance

Leverage resources and partnerships within New England
Facilitate communication among geography education stakeholders in the region
Develop regional leadership and connections in geography eduction
Identify and/or create engaging educational material unique to the needs of the region and applicable to educators nationwide